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The new SmartDetect ISOMETER® iso415R Insulation Monitor

Introducing our new SmartDetect iso415R – the compact insulation monitoring device for use in ungrounded systems. It combines easy operation, multiple...

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New, efficient AC/DC mA current transformer CTBC17 for electric vehicle charging

Bender has developed a new, compact, PCB mount mA current transformer for use in electric vehicle charging applications.

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One device - two charging standards

With the new insulation monitoring device isoCHA425HV+AGH420-1, Bender has developed a combination device that supports the two common charging...

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Bender charge controllers now speak EEBUS

Sustainable and independent interconnection of loads in energy management systems

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Protection of persons, fire and plant protection, not an issue?

One component of the modular series are new AC/DC sensitive devices for use as modular residual current devices – type B MRCDs – in accordance with...

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A new dimension in installation overview

The devices of the new COMTRAXX® CP907-I and CP915-I series offer a perfect overview of all devices integrated in the system at all times, quickly...

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Worldwide safety for electrical machines and equipment

UNIMET® 610ST - the DGUV regulation 3 safety tester

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Safer charging with the new CC613 charge controller generation

The new CC613 charge controller generation with its extended range of functions provide significantly more economic efficiency.

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Split-core type B residual current transformers - the market-driven solutions for modern applications

The requirements placed on industrial systems and installations in terms of high availability are constantly increasing. This means that it is also...

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Residual current monitoring up to the final circuit

Smart sensors – integrable, multi-channel, flexible and retrofittable

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