Bender Group expands its management

In light of its rapid growth, the Bender Group is expanding its management team. The newest members already know the company well through their individual roles as employees. The appointment of Dr. Kim Listmann and Christian Jerkel allows for faster decision-making processes in operations and complements the current management team of Monika Schuster, Winfried Möll and Heinz Nowicki.

"We are constantly adapting our organisation to the growing challenges of our time," explains Dorothea Bender-Fernández, Chairwoman of the Advisory Board of the Bender Group. "Everyone in the company can feel this development. We are happy about the great commitment in our teams and the resulting joint successes."

From December 1st, 2022, the responsibilities in the Grünberg family company will be reorganised as follows: Winfried Möll and Heinz Nowicki will remain managing directors of the Bender Group.

Among the board members with power of procuration (full commercial authority), the new members Dr. Kim Listmann and Christian Jerkel are responsible for the business segments of development and operations, respectively, and Monika Schuster remains responsible for the areas of finance and HR.

Well prepared for the future

With measures related to the strategic further development of products, markets and solutions, Winfried Möll concentrates on the long-term corporate development of the Bender Group. In this manner, the group helps to shape electrical safety in promising areas and enables technological, political, and economic change within the scope of its area of operations. The expansion of corporate partnerships and acquisitions remain an important element for the solid and future-oriented development of this manufacturer of electrical safety devices.