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A variant for vertical PCB mounting and a variant for cable connection are available. The cable variant is connected to the evaluators (e.g. CC613, RCMB4xx) via a six-core cable. The RCMB104 and RDC104 evaluators are available for the PCB variant.

The measuring current transformers can be used in all earthed and unearthed  DC, AC, and 3(N)AC systems.

The measuring current transformers feature an integrated magnetic field shielding to prevent interferences from external magnetic fields.

The CTBC17 measuring current transformer is particularly characterised by the following features for flexible use in the AC charging infrastructure:

  • Suitable for AC/DC sensitive residual current measurement and monitoring in charging modes 2 and 3 (AC charging)
  • Reliable detection of AC and DC residual currents, thus applicable for residual current detection according to IEC 62752 and IEC 62955
  • Robust and compact design
  • Internal diameter 17 mm for larger conductor cross-sections
  • Cost-optimised PCB variant for PCB mounting (can be soldered or screwed)
  • Variants with three different cable lengths

You can find out more about the advantages and diverse applications of the CTBC17 here.

To be used with the following products:


  • Suitable for AC/DC sensitive residual current measurement acc. to IEC 62752 and IEC 60755
  • Suitable for DC residual current monitoring to protect RCDs type A in combination with the listed evaluators
  • Shielding to prevent interferences caused by high load currents and external magnetic fields
  • PCB mounting
  • Connection cable adapter for direct mounting
  • Can be used in applications according to
    – IEC 62020
    – IEC 62752
    – IEC 61851-1
    – IEC 62955
    – UL2231

CTBC17 Variant(s)

SensorVariantArt. No.
CTBC17P-03PCB mountingB98080070
CTBC17P-03-K0325Cable variant (length 325 mm)B98080071
CTBC17P-04PCB mountingB98080074
TypeCable incl. clip enclosure cable length (mm)Art. No.
CTBC17 cable14701470 ±30B98080542
CTBC17 cable600600 ±25B98080543
CTBC17 cable325325 ±25B98080541
CTBC17 cable180180 ±25B98080540

Downloads for CTBC17

CE Declarations of conformity CTxx 89.3 KB 2022/11/04 06:57:2904.11.2022 06:57:29
Datasheets CTBC17 819.0 KB DE2022/11/07 06:27:5707.11.2022 06:27:57D00421
Datasheets CTBC17 816.6 KB EN2022/11/07 06:27:4207.11.2022 06:27:42D00421
Manuals CTBC17 1.7 MB DE2022/11/04 06:46:4104.11.2022 06:46:41D00421
Manuals CTBC17 1.7 MB EN2022/11/04 06:46:4104.11.2022 06:46:41D00421
Flyer CTBC17 373.8 KB DE2021/03/22 10:53:1822.03.2021 10:53:18D00421
Flyer CTBC17 373.4 KB EN2021/03/22 06:55:0722.03.2021 06:55:07D00421
Flyer CTBC17 385.5 KB ES2021/05/06 13:26:3406.05.2021 13:26:34D00421