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DPM2x16FP Display Module

The display module is intended for use with the CC613 charge controllers. It is used to visualize the status of the charge controller or charging station/wallbox (e.g. function, error) 

Suitable accessories for Charge Controller:


  • LED display with 2 x 16 characters
  • Two RJ45 interface sockets


  • For use in electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, wall boxes and street light charging points

DPM2x16FP Display Module Variant(s)

TypeArt. No.

Downloads for DPM2x16FP Display Module

Manuals DPM2x16FP-Modul 637.3 KB DE2020/07/20 06:00:4420.07.2020 06:00:44D00296
Manuals DPM2x16FP Module 808.0 KB EN2017/09/05 14:02:2705.09.2017 14:02:27D00296