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ICC1324 Charge controller

  • Patented 6 mA DC fault current detection
  • Smart-Grid-capable through OCPP 1.5 and 1.6
  • Dynamic Load Management (DLM)
  • PLC acc. to ISO 15118
  • WiFi, Ethernet and 4G modem on board
  • Integrated safety features

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The ICC1324 is a 4th generation charge controller for use in EV applications. Its PCB design makes installation in charging stations easier and more flexible. With its integrated power supply and latest hardware design, even more functions are combined in a minimum of space.

Intended for use by OEMs and EV charge station designers and manufacturers, the ICC1324 was designed for use in public, semi-public and private charging stations. Besides the already known safety features such as 6 mA DC residual current detection, weld check, monitoring of the PE conductor and a charging plug emergency opener, the key functions also include Powerline Communication (PLC) according to ISO 15118 for the implementation of plug & charge as well as dynamic load management (DLM). This feature enables simultaneous charging of up to 250 electric vehicles.

The ICC1324 is smart-grid-capable through OCPP 1.5 and 1.6 (JSON and SOAP). In addition, the charge controller has WiFi, a 4G modem and Ethernet ports and supports all important communication protocols such as EEBUS, SMA SEMP and Modbus TCP.

The charge controller software can be updated (information on cybersecurity). This makes the ICC1324 future-proof. Updates (typically quarterly) can be easily installed via USB, Ethernet or over-the-air (OTA).


  • Charge controller according to IEC 61851-1 (charging mode 3).
  • Master and slave operation configurable
    - For setting up charging stations with two charging points: 1 charge controller as data gateway with 4G modem and 1 charge controller as slave without 4G modem.
  • Dynamic load management to optimally distribute the available power among all charging points
  • charging points and to signal the respective maximum power to the vehicle.
  • Patented DC fault monitoring module (external RCD type A required), different cable lengths selectable
  • Integrated emergency opener for motor control (locking/unlocking)
  • Can be integrated into single-phase or three-phase mains up to 3x 32 A
  • OCPP 1.5 and OCPP 1.6 compliant with JSON, SOAP
  • Integrated 4G modem
  • 3 USB interfaces:
    - 1 CONFIG interface (type-B) for local configuration and installation of software updates
    - 2 USB host interfaces (type-A)
  • Control Pilot and Proximity Pilot communication (according to IEC 61851-1)
  • Additional control of SCHUKO sockets
  • Meter interface: Modbus TCP and RTU
  • External Modbus interface for remote control via energy management systems
  • Additional inputs and outputs for extended control of the charge controller
  • Internal temperature sensor for reducing the charging current depending on the
  • ambient temperature
  • ISO 15118 Powerline Communication (PLC) for Plug & Charge, Autocharge and consumer management systems
  • Integrated WiFi module and two Ethernet interfaces
  • Supply voltage AC 230 V
  • Integrated DC 12 V power supply for customer-specific applications


  • AC charging stations for electric vehicles, wallboxes

ICC1324 Charge controller Variant(s)

12 V relay
Art. no.
ICC1324-Connect Plus
(Cat 1)
USB, Modbus meter, Ethernet, RFID2x2xB94060080
(Cat M1/NB1)
USB, Modbus meter, Ethernet, RFID--1x--B94060079
ICC1324-Connect SP--USB, Modbus meter, Ethernet, RFID1x1xB94060074
ICC1324-Home Plus--USB, Modbus meter, Ethernet, RFID1x--B94060078

* Powerline Communication according to ISO/ IEC15118

Optional Accessories for ICC1324 Charge controller

TypeArt. No.
Measuring current transformer CTBC17 (Cable version, cable length 325 mm)1B98080071
Measuring current transformer CTBC17 (PCB variant)1, 2B98080070
Connection cable CTBC17-Cable1470 incl. clip housing (cable length 1470 mm)B98080542
Connection cable CTBC17-Cable600 incl. clip housing (cable length 600 mm)B98080543
Connection cable CTBC17-Cable325 incl. clip housing (cable length 325 mm)B98080541
Connection cable CTBC17-Cable180 incl. clip housing (cable length 180 mm)B98080540

1 internal diameter: 17 mm
2 The PCB variant can be combined with different length of connection cables.

Plug kit

TypeContent/QuantityArt. No.
Plug kit (can be ordered separately)2-pole (1 x), 4-pole (1 x), 8-pole (2 x)B94060125
Plug kit bulk pack, Connect Plus, Connect, Home Plus2-pole (50 x), 4-pole (50 x), 8-pole (150 x)B94060124
Plug kit bulk pack Home2-pole (50 x), 8-pole (100 x)B94060123

Downloads for ICC1324 Charge controller

Datasheets ICC1324 550.0 KB DE2022/12/08 06:26:4108.12.2022 06:26:41D00436
Datasheets ICC1324 546.2 KB EN2022/12/08 06:26:4608.12.2022 06:26:46D00436
CE Declarations of conformity ICC1324 90.2 KB 2022/08/12 06:17:2412.08.2022 06:17:24
Manuals ICC1324 1.5 MB DE2022/12/06 14:15:1106.12.2022 14:15:11D00436
Manuals ICC1324 1.5 MB EN2022/12/06 14:15:1606.12.2022 14:15:16D00436
Quickstarts ICC1324 452.1 KB DE2022/12/06 14:15:0106.12.2022 14:15:01D00436
Quickstarts ICC1324 452.1 KB EN2022/12/06 14:15:0106.12.2022 14:15:01D00436