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RFID module with integrated status LEDs

The RFID module is a separate PCB which facilitates user interaction with the charging system and is designed according to ISO14443A/MIFARE. It can be connected to the charge controller, the main component of a charging system, using a standard RJ45 cable.

Suitable accessories for Charge Controller:


  • For use in combination with charge controllers used in electric vehicle charging stations, wall boxes and street light charging points

RFID105-L1 Variant(s)

TypeArt. No.

Downloads for RFID105-L1

CE Declarations of conformity RFID10x 86.7 KB 2022/08/12 06:17:2612.08.2022 06:17:26
Manuals RFID105-L1 1.3 MB DE2022/10/07 06:06:1307.10.2022 06:06:13D00453
Manuals RFID105-L1 1.3 MB EN2022/10/07 06:06:1707.10.2022 06:06:17D00453
Quickstarts RFID105-L1 474.9 KB DE2022/10/07 06:06:2407.10.2022 06:06:24D00453
Quickstarts RFID105-L1 474.9 KB EN2022/10/07 06:06:2407.10.2022 06:06:24D00453