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Актуальный журнал об электрической безопасности: MONITOR 1/2021

- Make an impact! Benders 75th anniversary

- Simple, safe and compact: The new ISOMETER® iso415R

- Enhanced safety in public swimming pools...


Make an Impact — холдинг BENDER Group празднует 75-летний юбилей

(Грюнберг, 11 марта 2021 года). Онлайн-мероприятие мирового охвата, на которое были приглашены все сотрудники холдинга BENDER Group, стало началом...


Heinz Nowicki joins Bender Group as Chief Sales Officer

The Bender Group is excited to announce that Heinz Nowicki has joined the company as its new Chief Sales Officer (CSO).


Влияние коронавируса на работу компании Bender

в связи с текущей динамичной ситуацией распространения коронавируса, компания Bender вынуждена усилить защитные мероприятия, согласно разработанному...


Актуальный журнал об электрической безопасности: MONITOR 1/2020

- When signs of the times become problems

- Research data in real time

- Zillmer Elektrotechnik


Honour to whom honour is due

Bender Group employees at the Grünberg site surprised their senior director, Dietrich Christian Bender, with a birthday serenade today to mark his...


New film series "easily explained"

We have just completed our new film series "easily explained" on the ungrounded system, the IT-system. Each series consists of a number of short films...


Electrical safety for mobile generators

Mobile generators are indispensable aids when power needs to be supplied to equipment that has no direct access to a permanent installation.


New management at Bender in Grünberg

Effective 01 April 2017 Markus Schyboll (46) has succeeded Dr. Dirk Pieler as the new CEO of the Bender Group.