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The RC48C ground-fault ground-c ontinuity monitor is used to monitor the residual current in high-resistance grounded instal- lations. The maximum ground faul t current in these installations is limited by a neutral grounding resistor to 5 A, 15 A or 25 A.

It is particularly suitable for trailing cable protection. Trailing cables are very susceptible to environmental damage and therefore they need special attention. This is where BENDER comes in.

The RC48C ground-fault ground -continuity monitor combines two functions in one device:

  1. Monitoring of the residual current and
  2. Monitoring the grounding conductor for low resistance, high resistance and shorted.

If a limiting value is exceeded, a relay with two voltage free chan- geover contacts will be activated. Alarm messages of the RC48C ground-fault ground-c ontinuity monitor can also be displayed on a remote RI2000GC alarm indicator and operator panel.

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  • Ground-fault monitor for high-resistance grounded installations with a limited fault current of 5 - 25 A
  • Measures the residual current by means of a Bender residual current transformer
  • Alarm easily recognizable by LED lights
  • Alarm relay with two voltage free changeover contacts
  • Alarm contact delayable by a selectable time
  • Recognizes series resistance faults and cross resistance faults
  • The alarm relay can be used for the tripping of a load switch
  • Depending on the type of load switch the operating mode of the alarm relay can be set to N/O operation or N/C operation
  • High-resistance grounded installations with a limited fault current of 5 - 25 A
  • Mining applications


Обязательные комплектующие для RC48C

Type designationArt.-No.
Termination device, P = 5 WB94013008
Termination device, P = 50 WB94013009
Termination device, P = 50 WB94013006
Termination device with integrated resistor, P = 50 WB94013007
Remote alarm indicator and operator panelB94071000
Residual current transformer, 70 mmB911777
Residual current transformer, 105 mmB911778

Варианты RC48C

Basic deviceSupply voltage/
frequency range US
Power consumptionArt. No.
Ground-fault ground-continuity monitor RC48C-935AC/DC 60 ... 264 V
50 ... 60 Hz
approx. 5 VA at AC 60 V
approx. 8.5 VA at AC 264 V

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